Mittal Export


  • Professionals who understand Team work, Quick response & strong co-ordination.
  • An Eagle’s eye for every minute detail that goes into the Manufacturing process.
  • Ensure healthy relationship with Buyers through interaction aimed at continuous improvement.


Mittal Export is a vertically integrated company with complete in house manufacturing facilities. We have our own Machines of Tufted Carpet, Pitloom Rugs, Punja Dari and Braded Rugs. For the well look of the final Carpet we also a In-House system for a Latex Coating and Final Touch Work. In Addition we also have choti and Dori Machines.


With the Increase in technology and future Demand of Products our Future Expansion Plan is to facilitate our Infrastructure with In-House Plantation of Table Tuff Prodcution.


The company is spread out in an area of 10000 Sq Mtr. with a monthly Hand Tufted Carpet Production of 6000 Sq. mtr, Pitloom Rugs with 15000 sq. Mtr, Punja Dari with 2000 sq. mtr. and Braided Rugs with 5000 Sq. Mtr. of Production per Month


We have more than 40 Tufting Looms, 120 Pitlooms, 40 Punja Loom and 15 Machines of Braided Rugs.


We also would like to add here that we can produce even double quantities than what we mentioned here only with one month short notice.


Research and Development : Full customer satisfaction is our prime motto. We realize that we are working in an era of Global Competition and we need to be ahead of others both in terms of price, quality and innovation. We believe in continuously improving our product range, quality and designs keeping in view the dynamically changing trends. To accomplish this aim our staff people are constantly having an Eagle eye on the latest magazines from all over the world for the innovative designs/trends/coloration & keep update themselves as they are quite curious with their responsibilities. We always take customer artwork on top priority & able to develop or replicate the design per customer requirements within 24 working hours. Apart from that our Management is also running a Textile Engineering collage in Panipat. We have appointed 12 highly qualified textile professionals, so there is no issue on any quality problem.


Vision : Our Vision is to continuously provide quality products & on time delivery to our customers with the use of innovative Technology, product innovation & constant cost control. Also we always have a policy to keep long term relations with our prevailing customers, vendors, associates & employees as well. This policy has been adopted for providing better & production friendly products and services to our newly customers who can work with us for Mutual Growth.

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